ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Valrie Grant

Valrie Grant

Managing Director
GeoTechVision and the Executive Chairperson of Marlie Technology Park

Valrie Grant is the founder and Managing Director of GeoTechVision and the Executive Chairperson of Marlie Technology Park.

With over 15 years of experience in the Geospatial Sciences with engagements spanning several territories across the global, Valrie is helping government and corporate entities develop data driven geospatial solutions to address organizational challenges and meet corporate goals. She is an advocate of Smart cities and actively engages in promoting the understanding of its capabilities to solve some of our most enduring problems. Her latest initiative Marlie Technology Park will be an example of a “Smart Community”, where nature meets innovation.

Valrie maintains several certifications, affiliations and memberships. She serves on a number of national, regional and international Boards. This award winning entrepreneur enjoys mentoring other women entrepreneurs, working with youths and doing all she can to leapfrog innovation in the Caribbean and beyond.