ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Susheel Arora

Susheel Arora

Director of Wastewater and Stormwater Services
Halifax Water

Mr. David Bromley is an internationally recognized expert in industrial water treatment. He is a Professional Engineer who has operated his own Engineering practice for 38 years working throughout North America, China and the Caribbean. Mr. Bromley has an engineering degree from the University of Toronto and has a Masters of Engineering Degree in water treatment from one of the world’s leading water treatment research universities, McMaster University. He has been involved in the development and assessment of over 50 technologies related to water treatment. As the Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer in three companies that have manufactured and applied water treatment technology to both municipal and industrial clients, Mr. Bromley became recognized throughout North America for his expertise in the use of energy in water and waste water treatment, distribution, collection and storage infrastructure. With respect to this specific expertise, he was selected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to co-author a newly published book on water treatment and infrastructure. The book was published in 2014 by one of the world's leading scientific publishers Elsevier Publishing of London UK. Mr. Bromley is also co-author of a second book on the food- water- energy nexus which was published by Elsevier Publishing in 2015.

His contribution focussed on the Natural Gas Energy industry and the impact of natural gas regarding improved global water inventories. Mr. Bromley is also a guest lecturer at Texas A and M University located near Houston Texas. Mr. Bromley is the inventor and leader in the development of a highly efficient water treatment technology known as Nanoflotation. The technology is now recognized by the China Ministry of Environmental Protection as one of the top 100 environmental technologies in the world. Recently, in 2017, the technology was nominated and was a finalist in the California based Katerva Awards for the most disruptive sustainable technology in the world. The technology provides a tenfold capacity improvement in conventional water treatment processes as well as 90% reduction in energy consumption. Because of the high level of efficiency, IBM has financially invested into the Nanoflotation technology. IBM selected the technology as IBM’s entry point into the application of IBM’s WatsonTM data analytics for water treatment.