ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Ruma Devi

Ruma Devi

Gramin Vikash Evam Chetna Sasthan.barmer

Comimg from an orthodox and deprived background she single handedly formed the self help group and on a very nominal budget in her fight for equality for women artisans. Became a member of Gramin vikas Evam Chetna sansthan (GVCS) and started working towards the upliftment of women in all spheres. (2008 to 2010).

Elected President GVCS.2010

Since 2010:
An expert craftsmen, she has trained 20,000 artisans from 75 villages, working in the Thar region of Rajasthan. She has been a promoter for hand crafted products made by Tribal women. She has herself modeled for handcrafted apparels made by Thar women on ramp shows at the state and national level. She has been the chief initiator and motivator in making women attend training workshops conceptualized by her for better skill development. She has also designed contemporary products in furnishings and apparels to reach out to the youth of today and popularize and promote handcrafted goods at international level. As president GVCS she has brought international fashion designers to the doorsteps of Rural women artisans proving to be a direct link between the two. A role model and initiator of change she has been successful in generating continuous income for artisans and their families. Her business model in the field of innovation has won her critical acclaim at the national and international level and has helped women artisans reach out new clientele. A crusader for justice Ruma Devi today is the face of women empowerment. Her story has inspired numerous other women to stand up and question male dominance.

Honor by Women on Wings Netherlands 2016, Germany & Singapore Fair 2017.
Award by Govt of Rajasthan and Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, 2018.
Shilpa Abhimani Award by the Govt. of Srilanka. Its work has been recognized and appreciated in the British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.
Honored by the prestigious INDIA TODAY MAGZINE as the face of its cover page for the 2018 anniversary edition.