ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Pallavi Pareek

Pallavi Pareek

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of a gender laws advisory firm, Ungender, Pallavi is a change management specialist by education and profession. Pallavi Pareek's entrepreneurial work has its roots in the pillars of legal literacy, policy advocacy, and absolute inclusion. With her career span of over 13 years, in Asian countries, Pallavi's work has driven private entities and individual support groups to drive inclusion with legal education and facilitation. She has worked with over 200 organizations, sensitized over a hundred thousand individuals, and is being an instrumental element in getting the POSH Act, 2013 implemented through er RTI and PIL work. In addition to the same, she has been working with state governments to advise on capacity building and generate proficient literacy of the gender laws existent in India. Thousands of justice delivery facilitators such as Police officials, NGO workers, Lawyers, and social groups under government schemes have been trained on gender laws directly by her.

In 2013, Pallavi through her product CloudTrain, was the first to devise an online solution to address the complex compliance environment of implementation issues related to the Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace Laws. Pallavi is also instrumental towards the first and only professional certification on workplace diversity and sexual harassment prevention endorsed by premier law institution in India, a course which has led to the standardization of professional qualification expectation in this new field of practice. Her consultancy work has extended to working with the Delhi Government too where she worked on devising model schemes for addressing the issue of substance abuse in the state capital and also studied the employment law for People with Disability especially in the context of government offices.

Pallavi has also been a co-founder of a legal education entity, iPleaders, addressing the need of simplified legal knowledge availability for people in India. Over the past five years, Pallavi has counselled and mentored over 5,000 individuals on their need for professional legal education. Recently, for her contribution through her entrepreneurial and social activities, Pallavi was awarded the “Women of Excellence Award, 2017” by Women Economic Forum in New Delhi.

As an avid speaker, Pallavi has been invited to be part of several prestigious platforms both in India and abroad. Her views on issues pertaining to gender and gender based laws, legal literacy, diversity, governance have been invited and acknowledged by several leading offline, online, live and print media.