ROLE PLAYERS 2019 - Janine Teo

Janine Teo

Solve Education!

Janine currently heads Solve Education!, an education technology not-for-profit with the mission of delivering quality education to everyone, focussing on the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) demographic. As CEO, Janine is particularly passionate about leveraging technology to solve social problems in a systemic, scalable and sustainable way.

Education is the key to solve the many challenges we face in the world today, and because of this, she is an avid speaker on topics like education, edtech, gender equality and poverty alleviation. She also contributes as a board member and as a mentor of various organisations.

She is the first Asian to receive the International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award 2018 by Mensa International, and have also received recognition with Education Leader award 2017 by the World Education Congress.

Most recently, she is offered a fellowship from University of Pennsylvania - Global Social Impact House, 2019.