ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Steve Nicol

Steve Nicol

Managing Director
Scarab Water (Pty) Ltd.

Steve Nicol, CEO of Scarab Water (Pty) Ltd and the late Gordon Nicol established the Scarab brand early in 2001. Intense research and development resulted in a prototype that exceeded the performance of any other known system in its class. This prototype is still operational today. Since these early days, Scarab has achieved more recognition and awards than any other system in South Africa, and possibly the world.

Further, the system is based on simplicity, with all the technologies built into the design. The installation, servicing and maintenance can be carried out by personnel who may only have simple skills, which suits rural installations. Our many clients, throughout Africa, and Australia are often guided through the process over the phone. With no moving parts inside the reactor, there is no need to shut down the system for service. Another feature is the self cleaning design of the bio-reactor, which is unique to Scarab.