ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Ramona da Gama

Ramona da Gama

Business Growth Strategy
Coach, Mentor & Motivational Speaker

Ramona da Gama is a business and strategy growth coach who helps SMEs accelerate growth, entrepreneurs move from employment to starting their own businesses, and large corporations increase their value through sustainability, employee engagement initiatives and change management. It is Ramona's first-hand experience of founding and running three businesses – a media sales consultancy, a Kensingtonbased jazz club, and her coaching practice – as well as being instrumental in large organisations' business strategies, such as working with Sir Stelios with the launch of EasyJet that qualifies her to coach and train others. She has also worked with Rupert Murdoch at Times Newspapers, Lord Rothermere during the re-launch of The Mail on Sunday, Virgin Atlantic and with the Shirlaws team on The Lloyds Bank/TSB Group merger.

Ramona is passionate about making a difference to businesses and individuals. Her sustainability work sees her assist large organisations with cultural change, which takes the form of establishing and implementing initiatives that invest in the business's human capital as well as corporate social responsibility. These initiatives ensure the longevity of the business as well as sustaining its positive social reputation, staff retention and ultimately making it more attractive for its shareholders and new investors. Ramona speaks regularly on sustainability, working closely with the European Sustainability Academy, as well as other organisations such as the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group.

Ramona works with organisations to develop and train their managers to become leaders, who empower their teams to achieve the overall vision for their organisations. She has qualified and worked with Shirlaws Coaching delivering Business Management Coaching, and Performance Coaching International delivering Leadership and Coaching programmes. She is a mentor and coach for The Debrett's Foundation.

Ramona also delivers articles on Entrepreneurship and Career Development for The Telegraph and The Guardian.