ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Hisakazu Okamura

Hisakazu Okamura

Professor, (Smartcity, Faculty of Urban Innovation)
Asia University, Tokyo Japan

Born in 1955 in Tokyo Japan, Graduated from Waseda University, commercial science. Worked for IBM Japan from 1982 – 2015, as a leader of the Smarter city initiative. Participated many smartcity projects from New Orleans USA to mountain side small village projects. Considering Smartcity as one category of business that can only save people continuously.

Assigned a role of personal information law making team at Cabinet Secretariat of Japan Government and others. Participated a division establishment of Urban Innovation at Asia University and inaugurated a professor for Smartcity and Big data. Regional ICT advisor and e-Government committee member of Japan Government. Published, "Smartcity" in 2011, "Bigdata business innovation" in 2017 etc.

Speech profile (Abstract)
Smartcity, the word is understood in many ways around the world. Especially Japanese business society has an image of IT and energy project. As the first thought of Smartcity derived from Global warming issue, it must have a mission to save people continuously. To do that, the business, Smartcity, must have a clear goal to achieve. There are many projects by nation with clear purpose but many of them do not have it. Several different view point of Smartcity definitions will be shown.