ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Habiba Ali

Habiba Ali

Sosai Renewble Energies Company

I have been with the renewable energy industry for since 2005 where I started by Working with Developmental Association for Renewable Energies (DARE) as a co-founder and National Coordinator. Here I worked on the CDM project Efficient Cook Stoves for Nigeria, The Solar Lamps Assembly and sales training programme, Solar Dryers for Healthy foods project and a host of others. With the knowledge and experience gathered, I branched out to handle the commercial aspects of the renewable energy industry by launching Sosai. Sosai Renewable Energies offers efficient, reliable and sustainable products for example solar lamps, solar home systems and water filters to the people of mostly the rural and peri urban communities of Northern Nigeria. I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, A master's in Banking and Finance and currently at Dissertation level of PhD in Management (Finance). I also have acquired trainings in Energy and Environment like:

• Energy for Sustainable Development
• Gender in Energy and Environment
• Formulating proposals for CDM Projects
• Entrepreneurial Management

I am a Vital Voices Grow Fellow, A Cherie Blaire Mentee 2016, a World Bank Womenx fellow and a Cherie Blaire Road to Business Growth Fellow.

I am member of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and an Interim Vice President of Renewable Energies Association of Nigeria. A member of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves, Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves and the Nigerian Energy Network.

Currently active as the Managing Director/ CEO Sosai Renewable Energies Company Nigeria, Sosai together with its Partners C-Quest LLC are implementing a nationwide POA for improved cook stoves in Nigeria. Sosai is currently empowering communities and businesses with solar technologies ranging from roof top solar, Solar home systems, 10Kw Micro Grids for communities, Solar Dryers and Integrated Energy Centers.