ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Fadly Bakhtiar

Fadly Bakhtiar

Programme Director

In 2008, Fadly Bakhtiar started his career working as a Business Development Officer at a motorsport-based company at that time was developing a state-of-the-art, multipurpose racetrack in Kuala Lumpur. He was introduced to EcoKnights, which was at that time looking for volunteers to help with their inaugural Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2008 and helped to organise roadshows at colleges and universities. In 2009, he decided to work full-time for EcoKnights and hasn't looked back.

Fadly has witnessed the wonderful evolution of EcoKnights and how it progressed since then, and the opportunity that was given for him to play a role in the organisation. Alongside the Founder/President of EcoKnights, Yasmin Rasyid, they continuously developing various programs from scratch

such as:
1. Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest (2008 – present)
2. Anugerah Hijau (2009 – present)
3. Pulau Mantanani H2O Project (2012 – 2014)
4. Sentinels Of Time (2012 – present)
5. Knights Of Nature (2013 – present)
6. MHB Cares Seletar (2013 – present)
7. Aveda Walk4Water (2013 – present)
8. Langkawi Eco Film Fest (2014 – present)
9. Sustainability in Business (2015 – present)
Fadly believes that making noise in Malaysia (with words and actions) on all sorts of environmental and social issues is important to carry of environmental agenda to fellow Malaysians as well as international audiences. The challenge to work together with more partners, engaging with different parties and encouraging more public participations are the most rewarding for him. He also believes that it is time to realise the need to be proactive by educating ourselves of the environmental challenges afflicting our community and that we need to come together as a community and work towards a better world. Fadly did his bachelor degree in Computer Science (majoring in Computer Networking) from University Putra Malaysia, now he is the Programme Director at EcoKnights.