ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Dushyant Prasad

Dushyant Prasad

General Secretary

Dushyant Prasad is a non-profit and healthcare professional.

Currently, he serves as the General Secretary of ABMSS, India. ABMSS helps in funding surgeries free of cost for cleft lip and palate to the less privileged sections of our society. In addition to this, the organization focuses on comprehensive care for a cleft child; awareness activities for malnutrition; immune system regeneration for weaker sections and medical knowledge advancement for professionals supporting NGOs.

He is also the Regional representative for South Asia of Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V., an international charity that works around the world and the Country representative for a Swiss organization Schweizer hilfe. Dushyant is also on the advisory board of Kalisu Foundation, an NGO working towards reducing dropouts from school.

Dushyant Prasad, as the regional representative of Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V., has helped in setting up cleft centers in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and the Philippines. He has brought in strategic partnerships to foster all round comprehensive care for children with cleft lip and palate.

He dedicates most of his time understanding the gap between the beneficiaries and the resource allocation. He is responsible for the implementation and monitoring the impact of the projects funded by the organization.

Prior to this, Dushyant headed an NGO, Maaya foundation aimed at treating the less fortunate children born with severe facial deformities like craniofacial anomalies.

Dushyant is a post-graduate in Human Resource Management from the SDM Institute for Management Development, Mysore. He has a keen interest in food, travel and intercultural aspects.