ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Aruna Narayanan

Aruna Narayanan

Head - Marketing Customer Service and CSR

Aruna Narayanan is currently the Head of Marketing, Customer Service and CSR at Dulsco, a leading Human Resource and Waste Management solutions provider. In her 15 years of professional career, Aruna has handled marketing and CSR related responsibilities at various global organizations.

She is a firm believer and a true advocate of the fact that Corporate Social Responsibility is a critical ingredient of business success and can deliver measurable business results. By leveraging CSR as a tool for marketing and client engagement, she has created a compelling business case for CSR. She is actively involved in sustainability focused associations like the Dubai Chamber of Commerce's Centre for Responsible Business and enthusiastically volunteers for causes like Education for the under privileged and environmental awareness.

She is a speaker and panelist at various industry forums on diversity and climate change. Aruna is an alumni of the prestigious Harvard Business School.