ROLE PLAYERS 2017 - Andras Koszegi

Andras Koszegi

Co-Owner, General Manager
Brand Consultant Brand @ Trend Kft. Brand and Trend GmbH

Founder of Sustainability PlatformSocialbrandinghonoured with the Hungarian Media for Society Award. Author of the books titled"This is Branding – 51 branded dialogues", "This is CSR – 51 responsible dialogues" and Academic Head of CSR Studies in Hungary. András Kőszegi is the founder of BrandTrendKft in Hungary and BrandTrend GmbH in Austria. He is the founder and co-owner of branding and sustainability media platforms of Hungary.

He obtained hisMasters degree in mediatheory studies. He started his professional career and familiarisation with public life at the Hungarian Radio in 1985. He participated in the launch of GazdaságiRádió (Business Radio) as Director of Communication and editor-presenter. He considers brands as one of the key orientation drivers of today's society, therefore they carry incredibly large responsibility in our world. Consequently, the dialogue between stakeholders and variousfurther players of society and their involvement in all the processes are essential in his view. Together with his managing partner he consults companies on responsible brand building and promotes the integration of sustainability values in the brand to increase brand value.

He is one of the few experts who conducted interviews with the highest number of executives and experts in the area of CSR and Branding. He is convinced that the persons are the most important behind the brands. He conducted the interviews to receive answer to the why-questions. His book is a unique collection of the branding and sustainability views of today's brands and shows the wide range of possibilitieshow to integrateand transform sustainability values in brand values. AndrásKőszegi is committed to the education of corporations in the area of sustainability and branding and to the attitude formation of emerging generations. He is member of the jury of Pro Volunteering award at the Volunteer Centre Foundation. Between 2005-2008 member of the Board of the Hungarian Marketing Association. Founding member of the Sponsoration Table.

Member of the "Good CSR " Jury and the Effie Jury since 2007

External lecturer of the branding courses, head of CSR Studies. Guest lecturer at other universities and colleges: BGF, Pázmány, Mathias Corvinus Collegium. Moderator of prominent conference and round table discussions.

Several corporations follow his speeches and lectures on branding andCSR. In addition to Telekom, E-ON, HP, Mercedes, XEROX, TDK, SIEMENS, COCA-COLA, MVM, DM, BASF, SPAR global players, the hungarian media world also follows his coming outs and revelations.