ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Sepehr Mousavi

Sepehr Mousavi

Sustainability Strategist / Chairman of Sustainable Smart Cities Committee
Plantagon Companization / SIS

Sepehr Mousavi works with development of frameworks for sustainable and smart urban food systems – helping to fulfill the mission of ''Feeding the Cities, Building the Future''.

He is a sustainability professional competent within areas of multidisciplinary planning, urban ecology, standardization as well as smart cities with focus on energy-water-food (-waste) nexus. Holding Masters degrees as an urban ecologist, agroecologist and economist in combination with his understanding of societal challenges via his multinational background and working experiences; all together provides him with an overall understanding of our global sustainability challenges for implementation of innovative solutions in urban settings with a systemic and holistic approach.

He chairs the national Swedish technical committee of standardization for ''Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities'' and also chairs the national committee for ''Sustainable Urban Food Production'' on Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) platform. Sepehr Mousavi is engaged on European Organization for Standardization, CEN's Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Sector, ISO and IEC joint committee (JTC1) on Smart Cities and holds a chair with International Standard Organization (ISO) as Chair Advisory Group (CAG) member of Sustainable Cities and Communities committee.