ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Meagan Fallone

Meagan Fallone

Barefoot College International

Meagan Fallone is an entrepreneur, a designer and a passionate mountaineer. Bringing these diverse talents together as the CEO of Barefoot College International, she exemplifies exceptional vision and commitment to social leadership while advocating for strong professional practices within a Social Innovation context. Her commitment to empowering illiterate and semi literate rural women across the developing world through mastery of technology, unlocking rural girls creativity and confidence while leveraging the human potential embodied in poor rural communities; is an inspiring journey of risk taking and respect for the knowledge and skills innately existent within poor communities.

In her current role at Barefoot College she leads an award winning International Social Enterprise that has, for 43 years modelled itself, on the life style and work style of Mahatma Gandhi. Her focus on human centric design have allowed her to heighten impact for Barefoot College's beneficiaries and expand operations within her tenure to more than 80 Countries in the Global South. Meagan's personal dedication to diversity and inclusion have allowed her to effect a deep organisational shift from a Founder driven organisation towards a more robust sustainable organisational ecosystem, fostering innovation and risk taking poised for meeting future challenges. Committed to solutions that are designed by and for the rural poor themselves.