ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Dr. Ing Ignatius Iryanto

Dr. Ing Ignatius Iryanto

CSR Senior Manager
PT Adaro Energy Tbk

Dr.Ing Ignatius Iryanto is a German graduated Laser Engineer with very strong passion in social activity. After being anAssociate Professor in a leading private University in Jakarta for more than 20 years, on 2000 he moved to social empowerment field starting with co-founding an NGO which focus on Indonesia Disadvantage Area in eastern part of the country. Having involved in various issues like conflict resolution for horizontal conflict, strengthening the capability of municipal social researchers even the national campaign for political education after 1998's political reform in Indonesia, he had the opportunity to touch the issue of corporate social responsibility after conducting a Stakeholder Mapping for an Indonesian gold mining company. On 2010, after joining a collaborative program between UNDP, GEF and Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry in Micro Hydro Power Plant Program, he started his activity as CSR (Corporate) "activist" by Joining Adaro Energy Group.

He was appointed to start building the team of Adaro Corporate Foundation called Yayasan Adaro BangunNegeri and initiated the CSR Program through it. The team work, the spirit "To Work with the whole Hearts" was injected. Together with his Superior, a small team as CSR Adaro Group was built and is responsible for policy makers and directive function as well as define the priority and Adaro CSR flagship. Adaro Foundation team is positioned as the field team of Adaro CSR Group with special task to handle a long term program and to strengthen the CSR team of Adaro Subsidiaries. For his team, Iryanto's leadership is known as lead by example type, combination between conceptual thinker and hard field worker, very inclusive and apply no boundaries towards the team member. His weakness is working in silent type with no exposure. This was changed by his superior Mrs. Okty Damayanti the former director of a multinational company, who came later as the head of Adaro Foundation and CSR Division and inspired the importance of exposure, corporate branding and imaging to inspire the external parties to replicate the good work.

Now the Adaro CSR Group is well established and the initial team of Adaro Foundation were developed to become the CSR Leader of several Adaro Subsidiaries. CSR Adaro is the winner of around 45 CSR Awards both national and International CSR Awards till now. It is not because of his work alone, as he always say that he is a small part of Adaro CSR team but surely his contribution is highly appreciated and admitted.

For Dr.IngIryanto, Inclusivity is the heart of CSR Implementation. You could have a very detail and comprehensive baseline data and accurate social mapping, and also a very good program with very dedicated and skilful team. But if your company apply the exclusive interaction with community, your CSR Program will fail. It is as an agriculture expert plants a very high quality seed in a dry land. You have to intensify the wholehearted interaction with community by being there with them inclusively in almost every aspect of daily life.It is the fertile land of your CSR Program.

How did Adaro Group apply the inclusivity? Dr. Iryanto will share it for us.