ROLE PLAYERS 2018 - Dr. Ing. Florian Betzler

Dr. Ing. Florian Betzler

CEO & Climate Architect
Betzler Development GmbH&Co.KG

Florian has started his professional career with a German Diploma in architecture at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany; followed by a three-year work eriod oversees which took place at Thompson, Ventulett & Stainback architects in Atlanta GA., USA.

After returning to Germany Florian took over the family architecture business which was founded by his father in 1957.

Furthermore, Florian acquired qualifications in the field of architecture and Development for private estates and retail buildings, with a focus on commercial real estate and restorations. Florian has been the owner and CEO of a well-known and profitable architecture Buero in Hamburg, and has been a successful developer for years.

In addition to his existing résumé as Climate Architect, Florian became a Feng-Shui consultant, which is directly linked to environmental design.

Within his career Florian pursued to connect architecture and environment in order to create efficient economic solutions to solve environmental issues which we face nowadays.